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Clay Montessori School
2017-2018  Calendar

(The 2018-2019 Calendar will be posted as soon as possible)

First Semester

     September 4, Monday                        Labor Day - No School
     September 5, Tuesday                       First Day of School - Clay
                                                                 AM Class   9:00am-12 Noon
                                                                 PM Class 12:00pm-3:00pm
                                                                 Full Day     9:00am-3:00pm
     October 13 & 16, Friday                      Fall Break - No School
                            and Monday
     November 22,23,24, Wed.,                Thanksgiving Break - No School
                     Thurs., Friday
     December 22, Friday                          Last day before Winter Break                                                  
Second Semester
     January 9, Tuesday                             First day of school after Winter Break
     January 15, Monday                            Martin Luther King Day - No School
     February 19, Monday                          Presidents Day - No School
     March 30, Friday                                 Spring Break begins - No School
     April 9, Monday                                   First day of school after Winter Break
     May 25, Friday                                    Last Day of School
                                                                 Kindergarten Graduation

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